Introduction to online dating

Online dating is a fast, easily accessible way to meet lots of singles. If you have tried the more traditional routes like bars, clubs, evening classes or singles nights, maybe it’s time to jump in with both feet, cast your net wide and see why more people find love online than any other way.

Many people thing online dating is just for the younger generation but the truth is many mature singles, divorced or separated people are turning to internet dating as a genuine way to meet potential partners. There are even dedicated dating sites which cater solely for more mature singles if you feel you would feel more comfortable on a more exclusive site.

So, how do you decide which dating site is right for you?

Well, that’s where we come in with honest, impartial advice and the odd exclusive special offer. First you need to decide what type of site you are interested in and then check out our reviews to see what sites we like the best.

Choosing a dating site is a fairly personal decision. Fortunately many of our top rated sites offer a free trial period so you can try a few out before you commit to making a choice. Most people opt for a large, well known dating site where they know they will receive a good service for their money and there will be a good selection of local singles. Other people prefer to go for a more specialist site based on their needs. These vary from sites for senior daters, single parent sites, sites for followers of a certain religion and even sites for people not looking for a serious relationship at all.