Find Happy review

findhappyA relative newcomer to the already crowded online dating market, Find Happy promises to bring something a little different to the world of online dating.

After a successful launch in The UK, Find Happy are now firmly setting their sights on the lucrative Australian market but why should you give them your hard earned cash? I put this question to Marcus Kelly from their marketing team.

“Find Happy is not simply an online dating site. We are a resource site, online magazine and agony Aunt wrapped up in an easy to use package which will appeal to less tech savvy singles or people with no previous experience in dating online. We believe in providing a personalised online dating experience which is why we offer more than one dating site for our Australian members. Our research shows that singles are less interested in huge numbers of members and more concerned with meeting quality matches. This is why we offer a general dating site which already has over 1 million members from all over Australia but also offer sub sites exclusively for members with more specific requirements in a potential partner. This could be religious beliefs, single parents or our most popular demographic – Mature singles.”

“The Find Happy experience doesn’t stop with simply offering a choice of great dating sites. We also have a informative and fun blog and social media channels offering expert relationship advice, wellbeing and lifestyle tips to help you find and maintain a happy relationship.”



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